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Follow the steps of Apostle Paul


Apostle Paul left many traces in Greece.

Follow his footsteps and gain insights from his missionary journeys, places where he once set foot and spoke to the people.

You will not only experience the ancient Greece and its important archaeological sites, but also the modern with all its facets.

Enjoy the ride through contrasting landscapes covered with endless vineyards and olive groves and get to know the Greek hospitality.

  • Thessaloniki: A city of churches and religions

  • Philippi: First sermon of Apostle Paul on European soil, Baptismal site of Lydia

  • Vergina - Tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, fascinating underground museum with burial chambers reconstructed true to the original

  • Veria: Picturesque small town, as has been handed down, the apostle Paul also preached here

  • Corinth: Ancient Corinth was once the place where the apostle Paul worked

  • Aeropagus in Athens: Preaching place of Apostle Paul


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